the best plastic bags

Do you love recycled bags?
Do you shop at Target way too often?
Do you have a sewing machine that is just itching to make something cool?

If you answer yes to the above questions (I’m a big YES on all 3), then it’s time to head to and check out her super awesome tutorial and make some of your own bags!


  • Brit

    LOVE these!

    Did you know Target gives you a discount if you use reusable shopping bags? Make sure you tell your cashier when you’re checking out (sometimes they forget)!

  • talda

    i am intrigued by this project. if you do make it, please post about your experience. lord knows i have more than enough target bags laying around my room!

  • EP

    this looks awesome. too bad I don’t have a sewing bone in my body, except the ones my grandmother and mother gave me, nor a sewing machine. :) If you make some, I will pay for them :):)