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If you had to guess the sex of your baby, what do you think it is? by wifeylifey

I so wish I could answer this question and be some sort of awesome hippie sage that just knew what was growing inside of her. But I sadly don’t have a darn clue at all!
I do know that the baby has a sick sense of rhythm and loves the right side of my belly (HATES the left).
But if I HAD to answer… I’ll say girl, just in the hopes that I don’t give birth to a ginormous baby. :)

Do you prefer Norcal or Socal?

Oh wow. This is always tough.

By general geographic designation, I’m a NorCal native, so it will always be my first love. But by association, I’m much more SoCal in nature.

In general, I like NorCal more… the nature, the vibe, the cities, just living in general. It’s a bit more farmer’s market vs. shopping blvd up here, but it’s nice that way. Yet I miss lots of things about SoCal and I adore my visits to the southland, but I think I’ve outgrown its hip factor.

If you could have changed one thing about your wedding, what would you have done differently?

Taken more fun family portraits with all family members and a few more just with the Mr.

The wedding day and reception was really really lovely all around.

heights? clowns? flying? what are your fears and how do you deal with them?

Edges — I panic and cry and faint. Seriously. One of my favorite trails at Yosemite has a section near the waterfall where the fence is open and you can’t cling to the wall at times. I’ve blacked out there twice. I’m also deathly afraid when people I love are on edges. But put me in a tall building and I don’t care because there’s a wall or a window or something holding me in!

Condiments — I’ll run away from you if you chase me with a bottle of ketchup/mustard/relish.

Will you continue to blog after the baby is born?

I’ve been blogging actively since 2002 (hello LiveJournal!) – so I’m pretty sure I won’t stop anytime soon. Maybe the regularity of my schedule will even let me blog a little bit more? ;) We’ll see!

Ideally, how many kids to you want?

I’ll leave this answer blank until the first one arrives. :)

Seeing as how you’re such a fan of UCLA and were in a sorority, do you ever watch “Greek” on ABC Family?

I have not watched it at all… but thanks to a sorority sister, it’s on my list of DVDs to rent and watch!

Your hair color looks darker in your wedding photos than in your regular pictures, where your hair is blonde. Did you dye your hair darker for your wedding?

I think it’s all the illusion of my dirty blonde hair. :) When it’s longer (i.e. the wedding) and I wear it half-up, it looks darker, since the underside never gets sun bleached.
But it’s super short, it’s usually really light.
I’ve only “dyed” my hair darker once… I should grab that photo out of the archives because it’s so silly that I ever thought I could be a brunette!

When did you know you were in love with Mr. M?

The second week of May, 2005. I was talking to one of my best friends on the phone, and she asked me point blank if I was in love… and I said, “You know what… I am!” That was when I realized I really felt that way.

So… that was about 2.5 months into dating. It still took a few more weeks for us to say it aloud to each other though… and I was first to blurt it out.

f you didn’t have to worry about income, time-commitment, or geography–what would your dream job be?

National Geographic Photographer — or a person that poses as a National Geographic Photographer.


A voice-over artist


A professional “new product” tester.

Who is your MOST FAVORITE Disney character?

Tinker Bell :)  

If you had gotten into USC for a really awesome grad school program, would you entertain the thought of going?

There’s a really awesome grad school program at USC? (sorry sorry… I really couldn’t help myself)

Sadly, while I’m open minded about many things, I know my limitations. I didn’t apply to the Public Policy program at USC (while I did apply to 9 other universities other than UCLA), as I knew I would not go there even if I was accepted.
I have many crossover friends (med school, MBA, law schools, etc.) who have attended both universities, but I have my reasons why I wouldn’t want to attend school there.
Then again… this is the girl who refused to date anyone outside of the 310 area code (true story).

Cheetos crunchy or cheetos puffs?

Always CRUNCHY! :) Those really thin spindly ones with the extra flavoring are the best!

What are you going to name your (sure to be adorable) baby?

We’re definitely getting down to “favorites” … but no definitive list as of yet. The goal is to have 4 names in total (2 for each sex) and then decide upon meeting the kiddo.

What’s your favorite sport?

American football. I can really truly watch anyone play it at any time and not be bored by it.

Basketball is a close second… but the NBA ruins it for me most days.