Love from friends: part 1

[source: irksomecushion]

On Friday night, our wonderful pal Cathy came over to our house and showered Mr. M and I with a most gracious gesture: she cooked for us! Now I know that lots of people like to bring food over to new parents in the first few days, but with visits from family occupying the first two weeks, we were lucky enough to be catered to every night. Cathy, instead, came over and prepared food for us to enjoy on our first two nights alone… and I can only say this was a complete god-send after living through those first two days/nights! My brain is barely capable of remembering what I did 20 minutes ago, let alone planning or cooking anything for dinner! Instead, all we needed to do was zoom to the fridge for our meal and soup, and suddenly we were back to our comfort world of catering in.
The gesture was more than lovely and also gosh dang neccessary for our survival… how lucky as we to have such good friends! Did I mention that it was also delicious?!? Thank you Cathy!!!


  • Cathleya

    Awww a whole blog for me! You’re very welcome darlin’! I wish I lived closer, then I’d cook for you some more :) Consider it my ticket for my next visit to see baby M!!! I can’t wait!