it runs in the family

My uncle recently sent me a disc of old family photos, but I hadn’t had the time to pop the CD in and look at what was on it until today. That’s when I ran across the photo on the right… of my mom. Needless to say, I almost jumped out of my seat and did a double take to make sure that Lena was in fact still sitting next to me and hadn’t been transported back to the 1950s. I looked through my photos to find a picture that would make the best case for the resemblence… hopefully you see it too and it’s not just me freaking out. When I sent it to Mr. M he just said, “that’s creepy scary!” I’m assuming that means he sees what I see as well… WOAH.


    • kimberly michelle

      I saw that! :) Hooray for more local bees… even if it’s a little far away!

      I’ll definitely see you at A’s wedding, and you get to meet the whole clan (my mom and dad are coming to the wedding and taking care of Lena)!

  • EP

    Awesome that you have some pictures of your family, and digital too :) And I can definitely see the resemblance. I ran across one of my father when he was about a year old that is reminds me eerily of Charlie, and yet, Charlie is quite the mini-Jason. Funny how that happens :)