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and I did it.

Just a short little note here to say that I did it… I went back to work today. Those six weeks sure were long but they flew right by me. And I only called home to Mr. “I’m on paternity leave!” M once.
I’m not going to lie and say it was easy. I didn’t realize how hard it was until 3:45 rolled around and I realized that the Fiber One bar I was chewing on was the only piece of food I’d had all day. And when I got home, my leg muscles were so sore that I knew I must have stood on my toes while sitting in my chair.
Good thing there are plenty of snuggles from every member of the household when I return home nightly. It makes the nine hours away fade into the distance quite easily.


  • EP

    Good for you! It’s definitely not easy, but at least you know Lena is good hands while you are at work!

    What are y’all going to do when his paternity leave time is up? Have you found daycare/sitter?

    • kimberly michelle

      We have a daycare option lined up that’s just barely 5 minutes away from home. :) We have some friends that go there, so hopefully it will be the perfect answer for us. So that’s the next hurdle to jump over when we get to it!