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Day vs. Night by TangYauHoong.Day vs. Night by TangYauHoong.

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Soon after Baby M arrived, our household began to discover who could deal with moving from an unconscious state to a conscious one at certain hours of the day. I’ve never been a morning person. In fact, that clocky alarm clock was most certainly invented for me… because hitting the snooze button is
an art that I’ve come to perfect over the years. And having a baby hasn’t changed that at all for me. What it did help me realize though, is that I’m fully capable of being the early early morning riser.
For some reason, I’ve found that I’m perfectly capable of waking up in the dead of night/early morning, stumbling out of bed and into the
nursery, changing a diaper and feeding a baby. I hear the early squeaks… and I wake up. Now, if this happens close to 5am/6am…. forget it. I’m dead to the world. This is where Mr. M comes in as being the perfect mate to my crabby morning persona. He is a really great morning person. He can wake up super early to go to work, catch a flight, etc. And he can wake up easily in the morning when the little “meh! meh!” sounds escape from the baby monitor at dawn while I lay in
bed oblivious to it all. But if he has to do overnight duty… watch out for Mr. Crabbypants.
So right now, with Baby M waking up once (if at all) around 2-3:30 am, and then again at 5-6am, we have found a way to perfectly split our
responsibilities to suit our preferences. Now if she decides to start getting up at 1am and 4am, however, we’re pretty much sunk.


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  • Mr. M

    :P Not sure how you can see that I’ve got crabbypants on beneath that wall of fire that you are breathing in my direction :P