we didn’t realize we were a boon family

I suddenly realized yesterday that we have a favorite baby product brand… Boon. We certainly didn’t seek any of these products out specifically… but somehow we’ve just gravitated to them along our baby-purchasing way.

We’ve got the pneumatic pedestal highchair (waiting for her to sit up and eat solids)…

…we’ve got the super-awesome grass countertop bottle drying rack

…and we’ve got the PEEP wall-mounted mobile as well!

Do certain brands just sort of sneak up on you like that and take over your home before you know it?


  • Maya

    That grass countertop bottle drying rack is genius! I have to pick that up for friends who just had a baby– they would get such a kick out of it.

  • talda

    i really like those! i might have to check out this boon stuff myself. i’ll be sure to pass this on to my bestie who’s expecting!

  • vir

    great minds think alike!!! we bought the same highchair (but in the light blue color) just a couple of weeks ago. love it but i was really surprised by how large the base is when it arrived haha. still, it’s gonna be way easier to clean than most highchairs out there!

  • Tikibird

    LOL! I know what you mean. Baby H loves the Boon stuff! And I like that the highchair’s wide base means he has never tipped it over, although he has definitely tried. (That thing got way easier to clean after I took the white pad out, though. And then the straps.)

    Anyway, I just love absolutely everything by Plan Toys, Haba, and Green Toys. Although I think I like the Haba blocks even more than Baby H! They are so Mary Blair!

  • Anita (snowpea)

    Thanks for posting this. I saw the boon chair a while back but since I wasn’t in the market for baby things I didn’t take note of the names. Wow, there is just so much cool stuff for babies now. I’m seriously eyeing that grass drying rack thingy.