disposable designers

[ahem…. jumping on baby product soapbox in 3…2…1…]
First Huggies joined the mix with denim diapers in the UK (which are now available stateside). Now Cynthia Rowley has released her designer diaper collection for Pampers via Target in the PAMPERS CRUISERS Designer Diaper Collection.
Now why do babies need designer diapers? I’ll share the press release with you to see if you agree…
Pampers by Cynthia Rowley incorporates a beautiful look and feel – giving discerning parents high performance, value and choice of style. The diaper collection, which will be available in pastel designs including madras, stripes and printed ruffles suited specifically to babies and toddlers, delivers the perfect blend of utility and aesthetics.
“As a mom, I wanted other moms and dads to have more options in every part of their lives — even diapers,” said Rowley. “It’s the first piece of clothing your baby will ever wear, and it should be special.”
Let me break this down as to how I see it…  for $30 I can either purchase 52 of these diapers or 116 plain ‘ol regular white diapers with some Sesame Street characters on them. Doesn’t seem like a logical option for most people. But then maybe I’d save by not buying pants for my child so they can show off their diaper? Is that the trend that’s emerging from this? Or is it more of just slapping designer labels on red plastic cups to show that you’re different?
I’m going to label this trend as just plain ‘ol silly unless your baby spends most of the day naked and is on display somewhere while mostly naked. As for those denim diapers? Invest in a cute denim diaper cover (like this one) instead!


  • Kristin ~ Bien Living Design

    I with you on the diaper cover – that makes the most sense.

    As for the designer disposables, I love them! I don’t see the need for 52 of them in one size, but a multi-pack of various sizes would make for some cute, easy, on-the-go baby bums!

  • sandy

    I know women spend lots of money on their undergarments, but I agree this is completely ridiculous product for a baby.

  • TikiBird

    I think the denim Huggies look like Daisy Dukes, so I’m not really in favor of those ones. LOL!

    I suppose if you had a baby wearing a lot of little short dresses, and you didn’t want to go through the extra step of getting those cute ruffle-butt diaper covers, I could see opting for the disposables with built-in patterns or ruffles to go with certain outfits.

  • StefK

    My opinion is that they are pretty silly for mom and dad to buy for their baby…definitely not cost-effective. But, I’d love to gift them to a new mom/dad…or make a super nifty diaper cake out of them! :) However, banking a business on diapers solely as gifts does not seem very wise so they must believe there is a market. Interesting!

  • Julie

    They would be cute for a diaper cake for a baby shower, but I can’t justify spending that much money on diapers with a fancy print!