formspring answers #3

If you could win a $5,000 shopping spree to any ONE
store – what would it be?

I’m going to go with J. Crew.

The reason — ever since it was “catalog day” during high school (fellow
boarding school students know this day well), I’ve dreamed of just
going crazy and buying whatever I wanted from the Spring/Fall
collection. And I usually indulge at other stores, but never at J. Crew.

So I’d take the $5k and just go wild and really buy everything I
dogeared in the catalog.

With any luck, I’ll be a mom one day (in the distant
future). I’m not a natural “kids person” (I’m afraid I’ll hurt them, and
I have a fear they won’t like me). As a mom, any advice or words of
experience? I’m worried I won’t know how to be a great mom.

I really have no idea how to be a “great mom” either from any
book/experience/etc. I think the best attribute you can practice
pre-mommyhood is patience. As a mom, there are many times when life
moves according to babies and not to your schedule, and if you can relax
and be ok with it then I think it’s really easy to be a good mom from
that point on.

I’ve never been a super coo-ing baby lover like many people I know, so I
was worried as well. But honestly, when you pick your baby up and they
stop crying or they fall asleep on your chest, you suddenly realize that
your fears were silly and that you just might be able to pull this
whole thing off.

People keep telling me I’ve become super “zen” about pregnancy and
mommyhood (maybe I’m just walking around half asleep?), but I think that
being relaxed and patient just really helps you do everything you need
to be a great mom! :)

The hubs and I are seriously considering joining the
baby bandwagon in the near future. Any advice on how to prepare? I’m
more concerned with the emotional/physical and less the economical.

Best advice for a couple: practice honest and open communication
prior to getting pregnant and discuss your expectations of change in
your life when a baby comes. Your biggest enemy is facing the unknown in
the moment and dealing with it – so the more you discuss, the easier it
is to grapple with it when it comes along. For example… lack of sleep
(who can handle it better or at all), chores around the house not
getting done, not being able to travel, relatives/friends visiting and
what you expect, date nights, childcare philosophies, etc.

Physically (for gals), I don’t think you can prepare. Everyone’s body
takes a different road during pregnancy and rarely can you prepare for
the emotional and physical changes. Just know that there will be some
things you can’t control both before and after… and that you just have
to deal with them if you want a little bundle of joy. I had a hard time
dealing with the weight gain (still have a hard time dealing with it),
but I know it’s not permanent and I can change it now. I do recommend
getting lots of exercise in before the pregnancy though… it’ll help
you stay active throughout and let you get back into it easier on the
other end.

What would you do if Lena told you she wanted to go
to USC? ;)

I’d tell her that her Grandma M would be so happy to hear that…
but that I love her too much to pay for her to go there. ;)

I think I’ll let her truly choose her own way into higher education and
find what fits her needs the best, no matter where that is. And who
knows what higher ed will look like when she turns 18?!?

Just think of “The Blind Side” and realize that my fandom is just like
Leigh Anne Tuohy’s Ole Miss love when it comes to Tennessee.

I just got married May first and was addicted to
Weddingbee. Which bee are you?

Mrs. Lemon :) Old school fruit!

My wife and I were wondering where did you get your
crib bedding at and mobile.

The crib bedding is Cocalo Couture’s Bali line. I’m not sure the
brand of the mobile above the crib… but the bird mobile is made by
Boon (

What has surprised you most about motherhood so far?

How natural certain things are to do. I was always scared of
holding babies growing up, so it amazes me how easy it is for me to just
scoop her up and go now. Things just become second nature and make
parenting much less scary than I thought it would be!

What are some stereotypes about new moms that you’ll
try to avoid falling into/being?

My top two were:

1) Talking about my baby and only my baby all the time

2) Being afraid to leave the baby in someone else’s care.

I think I’ve done a pretty decent job so far with both!