sunday at sephora

I ventured out to the mall on Sunday to return some purchases, and got sucked into the girl’s candy store known as Sephora. I’m not nearly the make-up lover that I used to be back in college, but the store still beckons me in with its endless pretty temptations and the ability to try them all out. I went in with the stated goal of buying a pencil sharpener, and left with two scented gifts for myself.
The first unbirthday gift: Philosophy’s Rainbow Sherbert lotion. I was going to buy the shower gel, but I realized that I’d be much happier carrying the scent around with me all day rather than just having it in the shower. It’s like a childhood trip to Thrifty’s for ice cream… pure bliss! And, it basically turns you into a human ice cream cone! Baby M was having a field day with my arms yesterday, so I’m assuming I smelled/tasted better than ever.
The second gift: CLEAN petites rollerballs. I had spent a few minutes in the fragrance section trying to figure out which new CLEAN perfume I liked the most. I’m traditionally a CLEAN Ultimate gal, but I was trying my best to sell myself on Warm Cotton or Shower Fresh. Then I saw this little rollerball set at the counter, and I was sold on it for $10! Much easier than deciding which scent I loved enough to buy a whole bottle of it… so maybe I’ll have my decision by the time I need to make my list for Santa!
And today I’m realizing how happy all of those smells make me… like a mini scented candle for my skin. Sometimes it’s the littlest indulgences that garner the biggest smiles on a Monday…


  • Laura

    “the girl’s candy store known as Sephora”

    I love that line! It really does describe it perfectly. I love philosophy products. I planned on using their Candy Cane product *only* for the holidays. Of course that didn’t last long and it was sitting in the shower long after all the holiday boxes were put away

  • Michelle

    Sephora is my mother ship. I received major gift cards to Sephora for my birthday and I am beyond excited to go crazy in there next week. The rainbow sherbert lotion convinced me to in-store shop instead of online shop. I can’t wait!