Jury Duty Post #1

I’ve been seated on a jury trial that is expected to present evidence through next week. Which means work I’d do from 8am-5pm will now be done 6-8am and 8pm-whenever until the trial is done. That means blog time is gone, minus what I can do on my cell phone. So… get ready for some random videos and photos to tide you over until Kim comes back! I’d post some now, but the silly Worpress app for my iPhone doesn’t want to cooperate. :(

I’ll take any positive thinking you’ve got to spare as well, because it’s taking every ounce of strength to remain objective and not cry in court. I’m happy to be serving the public, but it is definitely taking a mental toll on me each hour.


  • Laura

    My husband got called for jury duty recently and while he didn’t get picked he was really hit hard by the gravity and the horrible nature of the case. We watch a ton of mystery, law & order type shows but when the evil is sitting in front of you and the responsibility is on your shoulders it seems like it makes it soo very very real.