hi, I’m kimberly michelle… #1

Here’s my first silly attempt at video blogging. I decided to go sans make-up, hair-do, or even cool clothes (sweats & pjs for the win!) just to make this thing super authentic. Sorry for the rambling at length… but rather than starting with a fancy little ditty, I went for the raw version first. So, without further adieu, it’s me!

p.s. anyone else hate watching themselves on video? Can I admit I still haven’t watched our wedding coverage? Can’t do it… silly irrational fear…


  • HamiHarri

    You are SO cute!

    I think that was a great intro to vloging. I love how you opted to so it without makeup (you don’t need any!) and in comfortable clothes.

    Also, very interesting yearbook. I loved attending a co-ed (Catholic) high school, and it is so true about the length of yearbook messages. Many of the boys that signed mine were quick little blurbs or totally perverted entries :O

    PS I too carry around a roll of toilet paper when I’m sick (but I ensure that it is a soft thick-ply) ;)

  • talda

    i’m been thinking about vlogging myself but hesitate because i think i sound kind of annoying on video. i’m always worried that maybe i do sound like that in real life. but maybe i will get over myself and do one. your post has inspired me. thanks!

  • Megan

    How did I miss that you had done a vlog?! I love it! I think you sound a bit like Pam, in The Office – which somehow makes me consider you like a movie star now :D And what a great peek into your high school yearbook! Hope you do more vlogs in the future.