#reverb10 – day 3

December 3 – Moment.

Pick one moment during which you felt most alive this year. Describe it in vivid detail (texture, smells, voices, noises, colors).

(Author: Ali Edwards)

Still. Calm. Sterile. Loved. Even with Fran Drescher squawking in the background.

[And yes… I’m going with the stereotypical new mom answer here, but can you seriously judge me for it? Nothing tops this in happiness]

It wasn’t the moment of birth. And while the moments shortly after Baby M came into the world were exploding with joy, they were combined equally with feelings of disbelief, exhaustion, and pure awe at what had just transpired.

It was later that evening, after my legs were working again and I could stand up without the fear of passing out, that the happiness just snuck up on me. Baby M was on my chest, and the world just stopped around us. I felt her release a sigh… just a small little exhale… and it took my breath away. Her skin was the softest thing I’d ever touched, and her hair was a color only I’d only seen on dolls.

My mind was blank with thought. To understand what was happening and how life had just changed forever required too many synapses to fire. So, in it’s place was bliss. My eyes smiled, my heart was jumping out of my chest, and I wanted to cry tears of joy. But I didn’t.

I looked up at the TV in my shared room, which was playing “The Nanny” on endless replay on the NickatNight channel thanks to my neighboring mom, and glanced around the room to see if it was all real. I was still in my hospital bed and in my hospital gown.

And I was a mom. Alive was redefined in that moment.


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