#reverb10 – day 8

December 8 – Beautifully Different.

Think about what makes you different and what you do that lights people up. Reflect on all the things that make you different – you’ll find they’re what make you beautiful.

(Author: Karen Walrond)

(Can I just say how I love that this prompt asks you to share how your differences make you beautiful, not just different. How amazingly positive is Ms. Walrond!)

An ex-acquaintance once told me, “You’ll end up doing something spectacular or just plain ridiculous, but more likely ridiculously spectacular.”  I’m not sure I’ve lived up to those high standards, but if all I’ve ended up is ridiculous, I’m pretty satisfied with that accomplishment.

I’m notoriously silly for no particular reason. Like, right now, I have my “Green Day” Pandora station blasting in my ears at my work desk and I’m lip synching along with the song with my door wide open, sitting in front of a giant window to the world outside.

I often play “The Wiggles” and other silly kids songs for Baby M and sing and dance for her like I’m on stage performing. I have routines down pat for the Hot Dog Dance and many Elmo songs as well.

I make my husband take photos that he thinks are silly to take. But then he lets me take them anyway, and always always sticks his tongue out in them.

I think that ketchup/mustard/relish/mayo should be banned from the planet. And if you run towards me with any of the aforementioned condiments, I will run screaming away from you as if you were threatening my life.

I abandoned WOW and played Hello Kitty Online for a couple months. I have no regrets.

I’m a repository of useless knowledge. That is, until you need a random fact and I can provide that for you.

I never hid my quirks or personality from my 7th/8th grade students. They knew I was crazy (and mean), but it really helped them be true to themselves during one of the most difficult times of adolescence.  (8th grade graduation holla!)

I’ve been a computer geek since I got addicted to Lemonade Stand at age 6.

And I dance like this at Disneyland (or.. my living room… with memphis or Baby M?), whether I’m in a costume or not…

(humor me… it straightens out in the end… and yes, this is me in my former spirit animal form)

And I’m really proud to be me. I don’t hide myself or present myself in a different way for different people. I celebrate that I’m a little bit off of “normal” and “cool”… but in doing so, I’ve met and made all sorts of friends who feel comfortable in being themselves as well. Maybe it’s because we can all just be ourselves and not worry about anything else.


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  • Maya

    It has been such a treat reading about how everyone’s differences make them beautiful! I loved reading about yours– you are even more awesome than I thought! :)

    P.S. H and I have a photo *just* like your marriage license one!

    • kimberly michelle

      Shoosh! You’re put me in the best mood to be able to even right this, so thank you! I need to dive into reader and start reading all of them tonight!

      And was yours in BH too? I adore that courthouse! And I really love this photo!

  • Cathleya

    What a sweet post! I just had to comment to say that I laughed out loud when I read “They knew I was crazy (and mean),” Something I think I would say about myself, too. Haha!

  • Jade

    GREAT post, Kimberly! Totally laughing out loud in my cubicle right now. I too bop my head and lip sync to my Pandora at work. :)

  • Laura

    Love this post! I also love being myself and not hiding my quirks. And LOVE dancing around my living room/kitchen :)

    And I can barely stop from signing out load to the Glee Pandora station in my shared office :)

  • kate

    I think you and I are personality soul mates- you could have been describing me in much of this response. You’re wonderful and different and we love it! :)

  • talda

    considering i just sung “defying gravity” and “popular” (that last one on repeat, oh 4 times) in my car even though i can’t carry a tune in a bucket, you sound like my kind of girl. i love embracing my inner (and outer) silly. this post makes me adore you even more. in a non-internet-stalkerish kind of way. really. crap.

    and i must say that i LOVED lemonade stand! i think that’s when the business bug hit me. loved figuring out strategy like that.

  • Jen

    Loved this post! You seem like such FUN! I think I need some of your silliness to rub off on me! It’s an awesome trait to have!

  • ep

    Nice Kim! It’s nice to feel at home in a post, and thats how this one made me feel. Perhaps since I’m equally silly :) Though I can’t say as I’ve been in a goofy costume :)