what christmas eve looked like at our house this year


This Christmas Eve, a Friday night, was spent by ourselves. We had the whole day off to clean up the house, visit the stores for last minute gifts, and take a family trip to the grocery store to pick up all of the trimmings needed for the next night.

But we had to do something to make it feel a bit more like a holiday, and not just the night before a holiday. So we ordered ourselves a turducken.

A turducken? You mean duck breasts wrapped inside of a chicken all tied together inside of a turkey? Why that’s precisely what I mean! We opted to simply pre-order a turducken breast from our local Nugget Market… which left out all of the difficulty of cooking a giant bird in the oven.

And what did little Baby M think?

Christmas 2010

Well… she was a bit mystified by the main course. But then we showed her what it looked like as Mr. M carved up the strange meat beast!

Christmas 2010

Mmmm…. delicious right?

2010 - Christmas

Yeah, OK, she’s good with it all! (even though she only indulged in sweet potatoes for dinner that night)

And while it would have been awesome to just have meat and stuffing alone, we did force down some spinach salad just to make sure our insides were ok for the next day!

Our 6.5 lb turducken was obviously WAY more than we could eat… so we had it for lunch the next day, and I ate it for 3 more dinners after that. And each time – it was still just as moist as it was on Christmas Eve! I was truly impressed!

Anyone else love the turducken and celebrate with this crazy bird this holiday season?


  • Melissa M.

    How fun!

    I’ve always wanted to know someone who tried a turducken (and I’ve been reading your blog long enough to trust your judgment). We might just have to take the plunge next year.

    Happy New Year!.

  • Kate

    My dad had a tradition of always having a second “designer” bird every Thanksgiving. I remember the year we had a turducken, which sounded better than it tasted.

  • TikiBird

    We had a similarly delicious treat–your cousin baked awesome vegan sugar cookies and vegan chocolate chip cookies!! LOL And I too got to eat them for days. :) Glad we all had tasty food.

  • girlLawyer

    Turducken!!! I didn’t know you could get it at Nugget!! I will have to check it out for next year’s holiday season.