vosges = extra ordinary chocolates

If you’re preparing your Easter basket early this year… you might want to check out Vosges for some extra special treats.

I was lucky enough to try out some of their candy bars and truffles for Valentine’s Day… at let me tell you they were so very yummy. Our grocery store sells many varieties of their chocolate bars, but I’ve probably seen their Bacon bar in store most frequently.


From the Mini Valentine’s kit, Mr. M really liked the Red Fire Bar, and I went nuts over the Caramel Toffee Bar. It was the perfect amount of toffee and pecans/walnuts… absolutely perfect. I think it took me 20 minutes to eat the thing because I was raving about it the entire time!


And the truffles… oh the truffles!

I know there are only a few Vosges boutiques out there, but next time I’m near one I’ll be stopping by! For now, I’m going to keep picking up the new goodies at our grocery store and drooling over their online selection of goodies.