so now that I’m a toddler…



I’m eating up everything in sight… and trying new foods without even a second thought about what they might be. I especially like to eat what Mom and Dad are having, although that spicy taquito and those Japanese biscuits were a bad move…

I love to play outside and get dirty with my friends at school. And I can wear little snap clips in my hair to hold back my bangs.

I avoid using a bottle all day long, but try my best to sucker mom and dad into giving me one at home. I love chugging water and juice and milk in my sippy cup.

I thought I’d get to sit facing forward in the car now, since I rock my seat like crazy with my long legs. But it looks like the AAP thinks I should face backwards for a bit longer

I watch basketball games and yell at the players and refs. Mom and Dad have no clue what I’m saying, but they laugh any way.

I play with Memphis on the floor and roll around on my back like she does and kick my legs up in the air. We both love our tummy tickles.

And I can zoom up a flight of 16 stairs in less than 30 seconds without looking down… Mom and Dad are sweating over that one!