I hope that spring has officially sprung


After a very wet (did I saw wet… I meant WET) winter, we got a delightful taste of spring this week. Sadly I was slaving away at deadlines and barely had a chance to peer out my window at the flip-flopped/tank topped co-ed’s walking past.

But I did buy myself some daffodils at Trader Joe’s ($1.29/bunch!) and watching them bloom got me so excited for Spring! Some of the tulips in the front yard that I scattered have bloomed as well… and perhaps the lawn will dry out enough for us to cut it before our neighbors run out and do it for us!

I’m going to wait patiently until the end of April to plant any of our tomato plants, just in case April showers appear. But I really can’t wait to enjoy evening walks with Mr. M and Miss L and dining al fresco and wiggling my toes in my non-toed shoes. And I’m really really hoping that the wildflowers will bloom in the middle of the month and we can take a day jaunt over to Yosemite to see them and the record flows at the waterfalls!

Who else just absolutely adores Spring?


  • HamiHarri

    I just love the feeling of spring being in the air. Our tulips and other bulbs are up, but have yet to bloom. Our magnolia bush is in full budding mode, but again, yet to bloom. And I just LOVE seeing the beginnings of our peonies poke through the wet soil :) Oh! And the cherry blossom trees…deeeevine!

    It’s wild that being on the west/wet coast of Canada, we get these things all before our eastern peeps (who still have buckets of snow!). Things do seem a wee bit later this year though…

    I guess I could search the weather network, but what are the average temps in your area this time of year? For some reason I thought it was basically sandal weather all year round?

    • kimberly michelle

      We drop into the 30’s-40’s at night in the winter, and spend most of the winter in 50’s-low 60’s. Then summers exceed 100 degree days on a normal basis. Average April temps are mid-70’s for a high and low 50’s.

  • Stephanie

    Oh, baby! Lookit where I get to go!

    One of my favorite memories of college was the day my Junior year when the International Student Association was selling tulips for a ridiculously low price. I bought a bunch, and put them in a vase in the windowsill of the 1930s dorm I lived in. The brick one, that faced the giant oak tree. In the springtime, with 70+ degree weather and a warm breeze wafting in.

    Honestly, no bouquet since then has brought me so much joy.

    • kimberly michelle

      I am so jealous! I adore tulips and have a dream of going to the Netherlands DURING tulip season (heck, I’d go to the Netherlands any day anyhow, but that’s another story)! This morning there were 7 tulips that had blossomed in our front garden!