my two older brothers

In the meme I posted, a few people commented that they thought I was an only child and I hadn’t mentioned my brothers before. Well, I know I’ve mentioned them quite a few times, but probably not in the spotlight they deserve! So… I’d like to take this post to tell you who my brothers are to me!


Mark has always been the super cool older brother. Even when I was in preschool and he was in high school, I knew he was super cool. He’s a surfer, has always been an artist/artisan, and was always into music and playing the guitar. In fact, he was the one who bought me piano lessons for my birthday and made sure I would practice and learn to play an instrument! He was green way before it was cool, and even lived in a house that only had solar power. He would always order weird things for me when we’d visit his restaurants for my birthday dinners (where he was waiting) – like prawns that would stare at me or fancy cheeses for desserts. I’m sure I get my luxury yearning from him because he’d always work at these amazing places (hello Sierra Mar at the Post Ranch Inn!) and it’d be so normal for him. He’s an amazing Dad to my nephew Gavin (who is his carbon copy) and is always learning fascinating new things about the world! And, if it wasn’t for all of Mark’s friends, I never would have begun my fascination with all things UCLA….


Everyone knows my brother Brian. Heck, one of my current co-workers walked into Miss L’s birthday party and recognized him! He was always involved in everything and he still probably does more than one should be able to do in 24 hours. He’s the computer nerd and the one who taught me to be absolutely fearless when it comes to technology and also got me hooked on RPGs and Civilization long long ago. My parents never really know who to blame between us for “breaking the computer” but the other one is always in charge of fixing it. He made me fearless about being “the smart girl” in school and being geeky with math and having my nose in a book. I’m pretty certain I got my amazing sleeping habits from him as well… although I haven’t gotten to sleep in past 1pm in quite a long time! I can remember when he would come home on leave from his posts when he was in the Air Force and he’d give me the biggest and strongest bear hugs ever and I’d love that no one else hugs like he does! And he also taught me that there’s nothing better than devouring an entire loaf of freshly baked bread… or mud pie! And I think he taught me that it was ok to live on cookie dough too?

The one thing I didn’t learn from my brothers? The ability to speak Spanish fluently! I can’t carry on a conversation to save my life, and they can both relocate to Central America tomorrow and be just fine! *sigh*