wookiees for a good cause

Mr. M asked me the other night where the “Wookiee the Chew” posters were that I ordered oh so long ago. (See the insanely adorable illustration above and the link for why he was so upset) I told him I had forgotten to order them, mainly because I couldn’t decide which one was cuter. So I went to the website today to follow up on my promise, and unfortunately found a sad story along with all of that cute art at

Hugs For Maddy!

Hey, friends!

I’m usually very private about my private life, but I really need your help right now – I have a beautiful 6yr old daughter who lives with her mum in Palm Coast, FL. She’s the most imaginative, caring, hilarious little girl I know and she’s on her way to a Children’s Hospital in Boston for specialized diagnostic testing for a rare intestinal disorder she has suffered with since birth.

The medical bills are astronomical – I’m asking that, if any of my ridiculous doodles have made you smile, please consider donating a couple of buckaroos to help Maddy get back on her relentlessly cheerful feet? Let’s show her how many friends she has :)

For more info and to learn how to help, click here:

In the coming weeks, he’ll be releasing original paintings and prints for purchase just for the cause… but he’s also asking for extra donations in her honor. With his prints so reasonably priced at $10 each, maybe all of his fans could chip in a little extra on the donation site to help with the cause to raise the true value of the art he’s providing.

I know that every time I visit his website to see new artwork, whether it’s Wookie the Chew, the Fraggles or the Muppets, I’m always reminded of how wonderful childhood was. I can only hope that all of these fundraising efforts can help his little girl have the childhood as wonderous and fun as he depicts it!

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