a bash with the bees


I spent the past two weekends away from home in another city: New Orleans. The first trip was just for business. The second trip was just for fun. (And yes… I ate my way through the second trip as well)

And by fun… I mean a giant long 4-day weekend with some of the most lovely ladies on both the ‘net and the world… the Bees from Weddingbee. Since I’m so old (omg… hello almost-31?!?), I started blogging for Weddingbee back in the fall of 2006 as one of the first non-NYC brides. But even though our wedding is long gone in the past, the community built by the women that blog there (and read/post on the site/boards!!!) has become a pretty big part of my life. Online friends have become true friends, and when you feel absolutely comfortable walking into a room of people you’ve never “met” but already “know” … you’re pretty darn certain that these friendships are real.

It was such a wonderful weekend that I hardly took any photos of people. Or places. Or things. I just enjoyed the company of all of these awesome people and lived life with them for a few days.

And now that we’re all back behind our own computers, I’m so sad that a get-together is a rare thing instead of a weekday/weekend occurrence. Luckily there’s twitter… but it’s still just not the same…

So here’s my big love fest shout out to all of the absolutely amazing women who let me be in their presence this weekend. I only hope we find more honey badgers, riding whales, and giant plastic cups filled with red alcohol in the months and years ahead!