the little ducklings below my window

A few months ago, I thought that someone’s iphone alarm was going off in a nearby office…

“Quack quack quack!”  “Quack quack quack!”

But then I heard one single, “QUACK!” And that’s not how the lovely iphone alarm plays…

So I flipped around in my chair to look out my window and saw that the sounds were coming from an actual duck quacking away downstairs! A mallard male and female were just waddling around in the grasses below and enjoying the afternoon.

And almost every day since then, the same thing would happen around 2pm. I began calling them my duck family, and while I hadn’t named them specifically, I would fondly say “Hello duckies!” whenever they crossed my path around the building!

Yesterday, I heard the quacks as usual, but along with them was a lot of chirping. Could it be what I thought??

I ran downstairs with my phone and here’s what I captured…

Little baby ducklings are just the cutest things in the whole darn world! And I’m totally taking a work break to adore the cuteness whenever they waddle past my window!


  • serena @bigapplenosh

    Oh how cute!! I’m glad you got to capture it on video. At my old workplace we had a Canadian geese mom and dad with a bunch of goslings. They accidentally fell into the storm drain and a company maintenance man had to fish them out. Needless to say, our workplace was very unproductive for those 2 hours :)