the cutest moment to date

Last night, Miss L and I had a “girls night” together just laughing and playing and giggling through dinner and bedtime. The current nighttime (and non-bath night) routine is as follows: playing, dinner, downtime with TV/movie (10-15 min), change into PJs, read books/drink milk, brush teeth, cuddletime and then snuggles down into the crib.

Well, last night got off course during PJ time.

While I was changing her diaper, she was sing-song’ing a tune and moving her hands. Once I got the diaper on, I watched her intently, trying to figure out if she was trying to sign me something new and/or just figure out what was going on.

She kept going… and I kept watching… smiling with her and trying to encourage her to keep playing.

And then I suddenly got it.

And I started singing and moving my hands.

“The itsy-bitsy spider went up the water spout…”

Her eyes lit up so quickly and she started squealing with delight. It was like she was saying, “OMG Mom! You know the song too!”

And so we sang and did the hand motions for the song for the next 20 minutes. I tried to read a story, but she kept tapping my hands and then starting the song. And so we’d sing it again and do the motions together again. And we’d clap and cheer for ourselves at the end (she added that part in).

Her favorite part is when we “…. washed the spider out.” She likes to shake her hands and wash everything away.

I wanted to run downstairs and grab my phone to videotape the moment. But I didn’t want to ruin it either, so I stayed upstairs and kept playing.

There was no 3rd witness to the magic other than Memphis, but it was seriously the cutest moment we’ve shared to date.


P.S. Here’s a little clip of the magic the very next day…