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It was Monday night… pizza night… but my pizza buddy had a project deadline to meet… so instead of making some homemade pizza, I stopped by the store to indulge in a treat. And by treat, I don’t mean ice cream for dinner, but my other favorite thing in the freezer aisle: frozen pizza!

On days when my Dad was on shift (as a firefighter), my mom and I would “treat” ourselves to fun meals every so often… and frozen pizza was definitely one of those treats. But now my cravings are a bit different, so the giant pepperoni pizza with cheese-stuffed crust just doesn’t look as appetizing as it used to. Luckily I had a free coupon to try out one of the new FRESCHETTA® Simply…Inspired™ pizzas… and opting for the Bruschetta pizza was a mighty smart decision!


(First off… I have to say something about this packaging! It’s my pet peeve that I have to throw away so much packaging from frozen pizzas, since none of the cardboard can be recycled, but this case is so much better! Still a bit evil… but we’re getting there people with 30% less packaging!)


The frozen version of the pizza actually looked really nice and fresh…


And the cooked version came out super crispy (cooked directly on the oven rack) and quite flavorful! I was honestly a bit surprised how much flavor was in it, and how filling just a few pieces were! Because… when you indulge in frozen pizza on your own… it usually ends up entirely devoured by that one singular person too… oy! Overall I was really impressed with this brand, and would definitely try another one of the 7 other varieties in the future.

So friends, if you’d like to indulge in a “Simply Inspired” pizza night on your own… or with friends… just leave a comment on this post sharing your favorite type of pizza to indulge in! It could be healthy or downright horrible… just share it here and you’ll win:

– a coupon for your own FRESCHETTA Simply Inspired pizza
– your own bamboo cutting board/hors d’oeuvres tray (pictured above) from Freschetta

The contest ends on Friday… with a comment randomly selected to win!

Be sure to check LIKE Freschetta’s Simply Inspired Facebook page for a $2 off coupon and enter to win lots of fun prizes! You can also follow @FreschettaSI for more information, offers and contests!

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  • Megan

    Living in New York City it’s not hard to find a place to pickup pizza but I really miss the gyro pizza I could get in my college town in Minnesota. Every five years at reunion it’s a must eat.

  • Lindsay

    Wow! I love your pizza, it seems that it is very yummy to it. :) Living in UK is not hard to find a pizza. You can find pizza side by side of the streets. Anyway, I enjoy reading your post. I will visit here again to see some new post.

  • Julia

    Ooo that looks good! My favorite pizza indulgence is the Cosmic Karma at Mellow Mushroom. Sundried tomatoes, feta, pesto, and a cute name…what’s not to love!

  • Heidi

    I love pizza night too – in any way shape or form! Tomato, basil, fresh mozzarella is my go to!

  • Julie

    There’s a local place here called Joe’s. My husband says the sauce is too sweet, so when he isn’t around, that’s what I order!

  • ABC

    I’m a “boring” pizza-lover–cheese or pepperoni for me! I get harassed because I like “kid’s” pizza, but it’s my favorite!

    Now I’m hungry…

  • Leslie

    Growing up I used to only eat pan pizza, but in college my friends turned me on to the glories of thin crust. Nothing beats a great slice of cheesy pepperoni thin crust!

  • Jess G

    My favorite kind of pizza by far is anything with Olives!!! I’m not a huge olive fan on a regular basis, but something about them on pizza just does it for me.

  • Teale

    I love this local place that makes frozen pizza’s called Butch’s pizza. They have a delicious white pizza that is to die for!

    I saw an ad for these & thought about trying them out, I’m glad they’re as good as they look!

  • Amber

    I tried one of these at Costco when they were doing a promotional thing, and I’ve been looking for it since, it was so good! We tried the bruschetta one and their garden veggie (I think) one. Not only did my painfully hard to impress Dad like them, but so did Piper!

    My favorite pizza is from the Coop in Culver City, regular hand-tossed crust with mushrooms, garlic and their fried eggplant. SO GOOD.

  • Mary

    Freschetta makes the BEST frozen pizza. I generally like the Supreme and Hawaiin. I love it when it goes on sale for $4 at the local grocery stores. Definitely stock up when it’s that cheap!

  • vir

    I guess we’ll have to try this out — looks pretty good! I was recently turned onto Korean style sweet potato pizza on a recent trip to LA. There’s sweet potato stuffed in the crust, almost like a dessert at the end of the slice. MM! Also a fave: Cheeseboard’s potato and leek pizza. YUM!

  • Katie

    Mmm my favorite pizza is from a local restaurant called Casa Ludovico: it is a grilled pizza with fresh sliced cherry tomatoes, basil, mozarella, and prosciutto. It is TO DIE for!

  • erin

    I’m a sucker for a good NY style pizza, simply cheese as my favorite. However; I love a good veggie pizza, too!

  • Jane C

    As an east coaster living on the west coast, I miss NY style pizza…. love it with sausage.

  • Ashirii

    It’s sooooo bad but I’m pretty much a pizza-holic. I’d eat pizza every night if my thighs and butt let me. So my fave is basically ANY pizza that’s crispy, thin-crust, with EXTRA cheese, pepperoni, sausage, pineapple, and red onion!!!!

  • Katie

    I was going to lie and say my second choice (papa murphy’s gourmet veggie) but the truth is I love Chicago style pizza with lots of tomatoes, pepperoni, and sausage. It’s half the reason I’m moving to the windy city.

  • Charmi

    My favorite pizza is this stuffed pizza place in Boston called Sicilia’s. It is so good and and so bad for you but definitely worth the calories every once in a while.

  • Christi

    my favorite is margherita pizza (tomato, mozzarella and basil) on the grill
    That cutting board is so neat!!!