desperately seeking office décor help

In two years, I’ve called 3 different rooms my “office” here at work. I moved into the most recent office last fall, and with the move came 3 additional desks/workspaces for my 5 colleagues. I decorated my little “corner” and that was about all I could do.

Well, a few weeks ago, they all left for an adjacent room of their own, leaving me all by my lonesome self. And even though 2 desks have been replaced by a small conference table, my décor is still relegated to a little corner and, well, it just looks silly.

People, I need some help here. I have some things I can’t work around (like the position of my all the furniture and the giant old video-conference TV in the corner), but I need some ideas to fill up my soaring walls before I go crazy.

[view from door – North wall]

[East & South walls]

[South and West walls]

[West & North walls]

Any awesome ideas you can throw my way would be greatly appreciated! As this is something I don’t want to throw lots of money at (it is still always a temporary space), I’m really hoping someone out there can think much more creatively about office décor than I can!


  • Rachel

    Everyone in my office has “bulletin boards” like these: that hang in our cubes/offices for pictures and such. We even have some really massive ones in our common areas with old invitation ideas and such and they look great.

    They’re super easy to make, and since you’re not really putting push pins into them, you can use leftover cardboard or another thick reused material as a base and just buy the fabric, ribbon and buttons that you like to decorate it.

  • Sara

    I have the same problem! Well my office is boring looking problem. I have what I call a super cubicle, actual walls and some privacy but still no door. I also have no windows and would LOVE at least one but that means I’d have a window looking into the conference room kitchen area–blah. People love to comment I need to decorate…thanks, didn’t ask you! But I should ask my readers too!

  • Jaime @ rabit stew

    Your office looks a lot like my sister’s…we made it fun by buying a bunch of stuff from the $1 bins at Target. We basically just bought a bunch of really colorful things that people could play with when they came to see her, and we hung things from the ceiling and all over the walls. It became the ‘fun’ office on her floor :)