a field trip to the pumpkin patch


Miss L got to go on her first school field trip on Friday… to the pumpkin patch! It’s the same local farm we visited as a family last year, but this time she got to go with her friends and teachers!


We watched the pig races, bounced (or rather, failed miserably to enjoy bouncing) on the giant inflatable trampoline,  climbed mountains of hay, and hung out with the cows and goats and chickens.

The climax of the trip was a tractor hay ride out into the fields to pick the perfect pumpkin. Unlike last year’s bumpy specimen, this year she wanted the perfect little round pumpkin. We spent over 15 minutes examining row after row of pumpkins until she happened upon this little guy and declared him the winner!


She’s been begging to cut him into a jack-o-lantern since Friday, and I think we’ll indulge later tonight… and maybe I’ll pick up a few more pumpkins to decorate as well.

Suddenly the holidays are just THAT much more fun with her at this age…