do you groolu?

You might Groupon, or Live Social (at or perhaps you Zozi too? But… do you Groolu?

A few months back, I was inundated with emails from all of these daily group-buying websites, and even after setting up an email filter to sort them out of my inbox, I felt overwhelmed. And then Groolu came along.

Deals from the sites above, for my city, all in a quick and easy place to glance at and then resume the rest of my life.

Just pick your city from the main menu (or the city that you’re visiting soon on vacation)…



… and then see all of the deals available that day, along with the countdown timer for when they expire!


Click on the links you want to buy… ignore the rest. Browse the deals in your best friend’s city and send her an email on what she’s missing out on that day.

But whatever you do, stop wasting minutes opening and sorting through emails from these sites every day for no reason at all!

Happy Friday everyone! Have a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day weekend!