i need hair tutorials

I’m the worst at hair. And by “at hair,” I simply mean doing anything with it that someone would consider a style. I only learned to frenchbraid my hair out of necessity (basketball/softball in the ‘90’s required it), and I was never one of the girls that liked to play with other girl’s hair. And fast forward twenty years and nothing has changed!

I don’t own any styling tools other than a hair dryer. My hair is usually damp coming to work. And I’m pulling off the “ombre” look without even trying right now with my awesome dark roots. And my arm falls asleep if I leave it up for more than a minute trying to do something up at the tippy top of my crown.

So call me skeptical when I saw these “visual hair tutorials” floating around on Pinterest from A Cup of Jo. But I figured that if I could follow, step by step, with what was there, I might succeed.

So last night, I pulled up the image below on my iphone and tried out this style in the bathroom mirror before bed…

[Photos by Jamie Beck for Cup of Jo]

And guess what?  It worked!!! It was pretty and classic and super easy to do!!!

If you want to see all of the amazing tutorials, check out this link. And maybe we’ll wear one less ponytail to work next week!


  • kylydia

    Check out It’s my new favorite! She just released a 30-days, 30-hairstyles ebook at the beginning of the month, too.

      • kylydia

        I haven’t bought the ebook, yet, but I think I will. I successfully pulled off one that she showed how to do in picture form. I am hopeless with hair.

  • talda

    i suck with hair too. it’s one of my main reasons for wanting boys. plus, i’ve got mixed black girl hair so that adds an interesting challenge. most days, after i flat iron it for the week, i just brush it out and be done [because sometimes throwing it into a ponytail is just too much work]. i just don’t have the patience to attempt something with more style. most times curling it is challenging enough!

    though, i will admit i get lots of compliments when i wear my hair in its natural curly state, especially funny since that’s my lazy hairstyle when i washed my hair but was just too lazy to get around to straightening it.

  • Colleen C

    That is really REALLY cute. My hair is finally getting long enough that I might be able to pull that off too …. I have a wedding this weekend to attend … hmmmm!

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Christi

    LOVE that you posted this. I too need hair tutorials. I can do a ponytail but that’s about it.
    All the magazines always say “twist and pin in place” like that’s so easy as pie to do.

  • Laura

    Pinterest has gotten me all into doing my hair too! My Yellow Sandbox also just did 30 hairstyles in 30 days and I’ve been practicing. I need to buy some new hair ties and bobby pins, but I’m determined to figure out the hair knot. I’ve done the 3 low buns too and like it.

    I even wore a braided crown to work last week!

    I figure I need to practice on myself now before Ellie has hair :)

  • HamiHarri

    I hear you! I think I made things worse by cutting my hair to a shorter bob from medium length. I’m in love with the tutorials online though. I try them at home, I just need to have the confidence to wear them to work/out of the house ;)

    Also, the model on The Cup of Jo blog looks like you!