friday ramblings…

summer time, summer time, sumsumsummer time

It’s almost officially summer (June 21st) … but it’s already heating up here. Poor Miss L’s head keeps growing bigger… so even as her hair grows out, it’s not long enough to put in pigtails and keep it tame. So, yeah, this is what happens when she enjoys the rear a/c in the car. I’m hoping this doesn’t get her craving a convertible at 16?

In other random news… I added the latest “social media” tool to my sharing bar.

You might see it popping up all over the ‘net shortly, as it was just created last week. It’s the “Google PLUS ONE” button. Essentially, it’s google’s way of combating Facebook’s LIKE button. This is what it looks like here on the blog:


When you like a blog article, just click the icon and you’ll be able to share that fact with the rest of the world on Google. The first time you click on it, this little window will pop up:


If you’re logged into GMail or google, then your name from that account will pop into that space. Click to “create profile” to rename your first/last name into whatever you want… (I’m not putting my first/last name out every time I want to rank something!)

Then, whenever you “plus one” something, the rank will increase and you’ll be directly helping that page’s google pagerank increase, and in turn help it show up more in Google searches!

new video games?

I feel like I’m so completely out of the video gaming loop… as we’re away from WOW again and Mr. M is content to shoot away nightly using space guns or real guns and listen to smack talking 12-year olds. Is anyone playing anything super fun and new on their Wii, DS or PS3? (I exclude the XBOX360, since it’s the one being occupied at the moment)  And no… we don’t have Kinect or MOVE, so I can’t have too much fun right now…

pre-Wimbledon meal

For Mr. M, Wimbledon is his Olympics/Super Bowl/NCAA Final Four all wrapped into one. In honor of the epic tennis tournament starting this week, I made Shephard’s Pie (and got to use up more ground turkey thanks to our Costco bulk buy last week).

Well, he didn’t think that was quite enough celebration, so he brought home some Harp’s and HP Sauce. So, now I need to stop and pick up some Sprite so that we can have some Shandy’s tonight with the leftovers and pretend we’re queuing at the All-England Club. 

Cheers to your weekend friends!


  • MicheleLouise

    I am not a video game player but so far I have been enjoying watching my husband play LA Noir on the PS3. I assume if it is interesting just to watch it must be fairly fun to play? That might be a really bad assumption though. ;)

  • stacey

    Have you played Epic Mickey? I may just be really behind the times, but I’m working through it right now and I really like it.

  • Jade

    We LOVE the Costco turkey! It is definitely one of our weekly items to pick up – yep for two people we go through tons of ground turkey. BF makes pre-portioned turkey patties, doctoring up the flavor each week. He’ll either bake them or grill them up and then keep them in a tupperware in the fridge. So throughout the week, we’ll grab a patty for lunch or dinner and have asparagus or broccoli on the side. It’s super mundane during the week, but the fact that it’s so easy helps keep us on track with our portions and calorie counting.

    ANYWAY long rant about turkey. I love it.

    Hope you have a good weekend! Stay cool!