2011 – “made by you” gift exchange



Yup!!! I’m doing it!!! GIFT EXCHANGE HERE WE COME!!! When I asked a couple weeks ago, I got a few definite “YES!” votes and a whole lot of “MAYBE” votes and only one “NO” – so I figured I’d put myself out there and create this gift exchange and see what happens!!!

It’s so simple… and I think it’ll be lots of fun! Just create a GIFT that you’d love to give or receive, send it along to your matched pal via mail, and wait to receive your gift!

Here are the rules of the 2011 “made by you” gift exchange:

You must live in the USA or Canada to participate (sorry… just easier this way due to overseas shipping costs and time)

$10 spending limit on materials (does not include postage)

Gift must be “made by you” – this means it could be baked, assembled, crafted, drawn, painted, customized, decorated, sewn, or however else you can create a gift! Don’t think that this is purely a crafty endeavor… it’s just a home-made one!

You must sign up for the exchange by November 9th, 2011

You must send your gift between November 10th and December 16th, 2011

If you choose to blog about what you “made” … simply link your blog entry here and I’ll link back to your blog and share out what you sent in special blog entries from December 20th-23rd.

Any other questions?
Ask them in the comments and I’ll answer them here in the post!!

HOORAY!!! Let the gift exchange begin!

p.s. Elfster is a third-party “gift exchange” site that arranges “Secret Santa” giveaways. Once you’ve joined elfster, you’ll also need to ENROLL in this exchange as well. Make sure you do both! Elfster is very secure, and ONLY the person whom you getting your gift from will see your mailing address.