a calorie count for all of your recipes

For most of my recipe blog posts lately (like here and here), I’ve been including a little nutrition label for everyone’s reference. I’ve begun consciously doing it because, as a LoseIt user, I’m always running to track down the calories for all of the recipes I make myself. And, I figure it helps you as a reader realize if this is a recipe worth eating based on your dietary needs/wants/quotas.

I get those little nutrition labels from Calorie Count and their Recipe Analysis Calculator. To use it, just cut and paste the ingredients list into the box on the page, making sure that all the items have relevant measurements (i.e. 1/8 tsp instead of “a pinch”).


On the next page, clarify any ingredients that might have been read improperly by the computer program, and adjust your serving sizes!


You can register for an account to save your recipes, or you can just visit the site each time you need your serving information!

For fellow bloggers, you can grab the Nutrition Label by using your favorite graphics program and taking a screenshot of this page. Just paste it into your graphics program and crop to size!

p.s. I also use this to estimate my calories when I eat a meal out and there isn’t nutritional information on hand!