one less chore to do: feeding the dog

They say that toddlers absorb everything around them. And then they mimic what they’ve seen done as if you laid out the instructions for them step by step. First, it was Miss L grabbing a purse (mine, one of hers, one at daycare), putting it on her shoulder and saying/waving, “Bye!” Then it was playing with the dog toys and Memphis…

But now we’ve moved on to the household chores, and she picked up one by osmosis that’s got us giggling every single night.

She feeds the dog (Memphis). And not with her food this time around. Nope, she learned how to feed Memphis her super-special-OMG-how-much-are-we-paying-for-this-stuff dog food.

The first time she did it was on a weekend night where it was just me at home. Around 4:30, Memph started to ask to be fed. As this is a ridiculous request at that time of day (normal feeding is around 6:30), I just told her, “No” and left it at that. Now either Memphis went over and whispered in Miss L’s ear or the girl just picked it up herself, but within a few minutes she toddled over from her toys and into the kitchen. I heard a clang and looked over to see what she was up to…

Miss L had Memphis’ food bowl in her hands. She had picked it up from one side of the kitchen, and was now walking it over to the pantry where the dog food is kept. She dropped the bowl in front of the cabinets, and then proceeded to open them up.

[begin mommy capture video]

Since that day a few weeks ago, she’s been trying to feed Memphis nightly! Some days she opts for throwing the food to make it a game for the dog, and other times she sorts the good and bad pieces. But nevertheless, Memphis has a new best friend.