the really lazy cooking days

Just yesterday, we pulled out all the stops on a lovely dinner with friends: 16-spice roasted (& grilled chicken), cuban corn and vanilla-lime crème brûlée (recipe to follow tomorrow!). But that was a Sunday night dinner… and most nights aren’t like that. And then there are the nights where there are no dinner plans, and empty fridge/pantry/freezer and no brain power for ideas.

I’ve learned quickly that these are my “sloppy joe” nights. Seriously. A packet of seasoning mix, ground beef, a can of tomato paste from the pantry and a package of hamburger buns. And done.

It’s just what my brain runs to when it’s tired and just wants home cooked food… and can’t bother with anything else.

BTW, last Thursday was completely a sloppy joe kind of night…

What’s your “really lazy cooking day” standby??


  • Cindy

    Dumpling egg drop soup – chicken broth, throw in a little powdered ginger for flavor, beaten eggs dropped into the boiling soup in ribbons, and frozen Trader Joe’s dumplings. Serve with rice. So easy.

  • Buccinator

    Pizza! I always keep a kit in my pantry with dough mix and sauce. I always have cheese on hand, and then it’s whatever is in the fridge to top it with.

    Happy dinner! Here’s some…leftover brussel sprout pizza!

    (Okay, bad example, that actually sounds really good.)

  • Sara

    Honestly, I love that seasoning packet mix. It’s good! What I hate is when people use the canned sloppy joe beef crap, that’s not meat. Ewww I haven’t had sloppy joes in a long time, think this week I’ll have to add it to the menu. I have a dry hamburger mix I love to eat: cook up the hamburger, add in shredded carrot, cabbage, salt, pepper, a little chili powder–yum. Cook all that down, easy peasy, and eat that just by itself!

  • Coasting anon

    Hee hee…pizza. And NOT the kind I have to make…rather the kind I pick up the phone and have a nice person deliver to me :)

    Or, if I’m home without the Mr, I’ll feed Little G a lunch-type item (grilled cheese, hot dog, etc) and I’ll just eat cereal like I’m a single gal.


    We always have homemade spaghetti sauce in the freezer and noodles in the house. We also have Chili in the freezer as well. We actually made 65 cups or around 15 meals of each a couple of weekends ago. Next up is cabbage rolls, lasagna, meatloafs and stuffed peppers! We love to fill the freezer!

  • Sugar Scientist

    Just a suggestion: grate two zucchinis and add them to your sloppy joes. You won’t taste a difference because it just absorbs the taste of the sauce, but it’s a great way to add a little bit of healthiness to comfort food!

    My go-to lazy meal is sauteed green beans with lots of garlic over whole wheat couscous. I could eat it every night of the week.

  • Liz


    We always have veggies and just mix that with either some beef, chicken or pork and make a pot of rice.

  • Rycrafty

    Noodles and sauce! If I’m feeling very lazy, I don’t even heat up the sauce, I just pour it over hot noodles to warm it up.

    Or, my particular favourite, ravioli or tortellini with no sauce. Yum.