I can’t buy socks in sets of 3

If you have a little girl, you may have noticed a disturbing trend in the sock department. Instead of selling pairs of socks… some stores now sell them in sets of 3.

And none of them are the same sock.



I don’t quite know how one is supposed to manage the purchase of said socks. My natural instinct is to buy two sets of the same mismatched socks, but that results in perfect pairs, and obviously misses the entire point of the mismatching to begin with…

I mismatched Miss L’s socks this morning, but it was out of necessity because I forgot to sort her sock laundry and not because I’m a super-awesome and hip mom.

But seriously… what is one supposed to do here? Just buy three socks and let it be… and always have one sock hanging out in the drawer waiting for the next wear?


  • Colleen C

    Oh wow, this makes my OCD head go a little bonkers. How are you supposed to MATCH them!? no no no. I do not approve. I mean they are cute. But I would def buy two sets and match them. I”m too anal for that amount of fun.

  • Amber

    Same as Colleen! Oh my god, I can’t do that. I can’t even mismatch! I’d end up putting her in sandals to avoid that. I’m getting chills just thinking about having to buy a set of three mismatched (but matching color-wise?!) socks. It makes me want to go throw away all the single socks that Piper has hanging around the house because I hate orphan socks! Whoa, I am FAR more OCD than I thought i was. Actually, that’s not true. I am OCD about foods (my own), but I had no idea that transferred to socks!

  • EP

    Charlie got a set of these a couple of years ago from a friend, and after immediately trying to fold three socks together, I gave up and tucked one away. Once kids get old enough to start dressing themselves, it’s a completely mismatched anyway…why would you want to help them? :)

  • Zalooza

    How funny! Their was a guy pitching the 3 sock idea on ABC network’s Shark Tank Show several months ago. The investors didn’t buy his 3 sock idea pitch.

  • Lauren

    That’s so strange to me! I would probably be the non hip mom that buy two sets and makes the pairs of socks.