transition: the seasons

Hello there! I’m Michelle from quinnette and I’m more than happy to keep Kim’s seat warm while she enjoys some much deserved sun and sand. When Kim reached out to me to do a guest post she mentioned the theme of transitions and the first thing that popped into my little mind was transitional fashion and dressing for the changing seasons.
I live in Texas where it is hot hot HOT almost all of the time. We only have 2 real seasons here – summer, which lasts for about 8 months, and not summer which makes up the other 4 or so. This can be a bit demoralizing for those of us who enjoy dressing seasonally and incorporating a bit of variety to our daily ensembles. Over the years I’ve honed my sartorial skills so that I can keep up with fashion’s ever changing seasons, regardless of what the weatherman has to say about it.

I wore this outfit today. Note the autumnal color palate, long sleeves, and corduroy pants, all of which are classic fall staples. However, since the mercury is still reaching into the 90’s in my neck of the woods I’m keeping cool with a pair of open flat sandals. Additionally, the sweater is a super light tissue weight cotton and I’ve pulled my mop back and off my face and neck to keep it breezy.
Once things cool off a bit I’ll pull out the boots, maybe a bit of faux fur, and pile on the layers for a more traditional autumn look. Perhaps something more like this:

Now all I need is a PSL and some Brach’s mix!

Does it feel like fall yet where you live? How are you dressing for it?


  • Rycrafty

    We’re having a late summer, which is great, but it also means that we’ll probably skip fall and head straight into snowbound winter. :(
    I hate having a cute outfit on, and then having to wear my giant down coat and wooly hat and mitts over it all! People at work see the outfit, but while I’m walking to work I’m just another puffy black michelin man look-alike.

  • Michelle

    I live in Northern California and while we had a slight preview of fall on Sunday (it rained!), it is back to mid-90’s this week. I’m so ready to put away my skirts and dresses and bring out my pants and sweaters.

  • talda

    I’m in NorCal too so it’ll be a few more weeks before I’m able to really pull out my sweaters. As much as I love the summer, I love wearing sweaters like it’s no one’s business. I just like being warm.