guest blogging week: transition

Dearest buddies…

You may have heard (because you saw me shouting it aloud on twitter or perhaps heard me mumbling things about mojitos under my breath for the past 2 months), but Mr. M and I are currently away on a holiday. I’ll be back next week, but wanted to take this time to share some fun guest blogs with you from some of my favorite real people out in the virtual world.

I sent them all the request along with the following theme….


For some reason, fall seems to be the season where transition is really abundant in everyone’s lives. A new school year, the visible change of the seasons, the absence of a family member due to a new sporting season starting, new tv shows, etc.  So I asked each blogger to write about a transition, and they each came up with blogs that I know you’ll enjoy!

Have an absolutely wonderful final week of September, and I’ll see you back here next week!

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