your 1st step in my realignment


[Tulum, Mexico – September 2011 — Photo courtesy of sosmithy design]

I’m back from paradise, but still on a bit of a digital hiatus. It’ll take a few hours to remember how to work my computer, to prepare all the checklists for the upcoming days for work/home/whatever, and I’m doing it all without the luxury of a fully prepared Mexican breakfast and strong cup of coffee.

In the meantime, however, I’ve created a little survey for you to help me out with my blog realignment. If you can take any sort of small bit of time out of your busy day to answer one or a few of the prompts, I’d be truly grateful. I’ve been reminded in the past few days how important it is to reflect and listen and truly hear what others have to say about you in order to grow… you don’t get a full picture without it.

thank you thank you thank you in advance!

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