every event needs a t-shirt (even a trip to Mexico)

I brought presents to Mexico in the bottom of my luggage. When Cathy saw these in person, so called me out… “You’re such a sorority girl” … essentially meaning that I celebrate all events with t-shirts. In other words… yes I did make celebratory t-shirts for our trip to Tulum.

Get excited @CathleyaS ...

This was the design… a logo for the event titled, “Cathy’s Dirty 30.”  Can you see it? Do you get it? I’m not owning up to how many iterations I went through, but with Mr. M as my design consultant, I ended up with this much improved logo.

I used my old favorite stand-by trick of printing out the design, cutting out the design stencil using thick acetate and an exacto knife, and applying the screen printing ink. (as also seen HERE and HERE)

I did do something a little different though, as I applied the ink with a large stippling brush to give it a bit more of a distressed look and feel.

As for where we got the shirts? Good ‘ol Jiffy Shirts came to the rescue yet again, and I ordered Bella #6004 for the ladies in teal, and gray Hanes shirts for the boys (not pictured)! The girl’s shirts fit amazingly well and are a great option if you’re looking for a LONGer fitted t-shirt that’s not going to shrink into nothing (ahem American Apparel).