fancy donuts


Is your city/town home to a storefront selling designer donuts? If it does… you are oh so lucky to indulge in the goodness of mixing really decadent things into donut batter. If it doesn’t have one yet, but it has a cupcake shop… you might be in for a treat in a short while.

Our designer donut shop just opened a few months ago: Doughbot Donuts. Every day, they post their menu of ridiculously yummy and non-standard donut flavors on their facebook page and twitter feed… and almost every day they sell out of all of their stock before closing time at noon.

This Sunday, Mr. M woke up with a craving for donuts. And somehow, with my puppy dog eyes and carefully placed morning pout, I managed to convince him to drive an extra mile (over the river too!) past our normal donut haunt and pick up some “new” flavors for us to try.

He came home with multiples of the following:

       Bacon Maple Bacon – speckled dough with maple glaze, topped with bacon

       The Dude – White Russian Bavarian creme-filled, sprinkled with coffee bean

        S’Mores – Cinnamon sugar donut filled with chocolate and locally sourced
handmade marshmallow, glazed with cinnamon and graham cracker

        Bacon Maple Apple Fritter – Apple cinnamon filling, maple glaze topped with apples & bacon

Do I really need to tell you that they were ridiculously good… or can you just know from the description that anything with those ingredients won’t taste bad? The only downside… the cost… $15 for a morning donut run. But I don’t blame them for charging $2 for an wonderous new creation that I’m not frying my deep fryer at home and that the local donut shop will never ever carry.

But bacon in donuts? The next best thing to bacon in pancakes!

Have you indulged in the latest sweets craze of designer donuts? And… ??

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  • Michelle

    UGH This is NOT helping my no junk food challenge cravings. Those sound good. $2 isn’t too bad if you only indulge once every few months and only get one but I can never get just ONE cupcake at a store so I understand. The S’mores sounds amazing and it is filled which makes me happy. This might be my first stop once I’m done with my stupid challenge!