what do you think about a diy "secret santa" exchange?

I’ve been getting reminders to set-up my elfster holiday exchanges for the upcoming months, and it got me to thinking about attempting another gift swap here on the blog.

But rather than just throwing it out there, I thought I’d ask if people would even want to sign up before I set it all up…

The main guise of the “secret Santa” style swap would be this: exchange a homemade/DIY gift that you love to give. I’d probably limit it to $10 in supplies and you can take that wherever you want to! Here’s the only catch… you have to include your DIY instructions with the gift (either via public blog post or, if you don’t actively blog, with the package itself). It doesn’t have to be something brand new and unique, but just something you know others would like to receive!

I’d organize it through (to keep all sorts of addresses nice and secret), and the swap would happen sometime in December.

So… what do you think?  Just vote in the poll below, and feel free to leave a comment/question/”Hellz to the no crazy lady” as well.

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  • LatteLove

    I’m not very crafty – and the holidays get really busy. So while I’d love to say a resounding Yes, it’s always a little trickier than that :-)

  • Jess G

    I have two ideas that I’ve been meaning to blog about. I think this would be just the push I’d need! Any idea about a timeline for signing-up/shipping? I know things get tight for everyone around the holidays!

    • kimberly michelle

      I was thinking that the swap would be “earlier” rather than later… so perhaps at the beginning of December? So we could do signups starting next week, prep during November and ship in early December?

  • serena

    I’d be interested! I’m not crafty at all though. Would baked goods be an option? Although then people might need to list food allergies. I’m all over the place. Sorry. Haha.

    • Kim

      It can totally be food! Honestly… anything that you like to gift that you’ve somehow created/assembled! :)