the plan of how to run

Remember how I crazily signed up to run a 1/2 Marathon a few months ago? Well, that event is coming up shortly… and to be precise… it’s 12 weeks away. So that means that my meandering training needs to transition into REAL training. And I can’t sleep in anymore even though the temptation of warm sheets far exceeds the enticement of frozen sweat on a morning run.

People… I have to do this. Now. Or forever hold my place as the girl who really can’t run even after imposing a challenge on herself to do so… In the immortal words of Hugh Jackman in his one-man Broadway show, I need to, “Give it a go” and see what happens.

So here are the components of said “plan” that I’ve begun this week:

1) I downloaded Hal Higdon’s 1/2 Marathon app for my iPhone.

2) I posted a copy of that same 12-week schedule on my wall at work and told Mr. M about the details of my weekly plan, so that he’s on board with what’s going on (and not wondering where in the heck I am at 6:00am on a Tuesday morning).

3) I mapped out 3/3.5/4/4.5/5/6 mile runs in my neighborhood.

4) I brought in shoes/clothes/washcloth & soap to run at lunchtime on Wednesdays at work… so that I can save myself from an early morning rise that day.

5) I’m monitoring my water intake during the day a bit more closely with a daily checklist on my whiteboard at work. And I’m keeping more fruit in the house to consume after runs (hello orange slices!) and make sure that I have enough fuel to keep up with this schedule.

So, I completed my 3 mid-week runs and now just have my big 4 mile run on Sunday. (Oh… and in case anyone is completely impressed by my abilities… when I say “run” I mean walk/run pacing…)

Any other fun tips you super awesome runners would like to throw in there? Maybe one about how you manage to run outside when it’s below freezing??? (Seriously rethinking the idea of an end-of-January race as “ideal”)


  • Michelle

    I am seriously contemplating running with you on Sunday mornings!!! If you will have me. I don’t talk and exercise but having someone beside you is always motivating when training.

    You are doing awesome and you will finish this! It is such a huge accomplishment. I’ll be cheering you on as you train and if you need anything, just ask!

  • Heidi

    I am by no means a super, savvy runner but I will add to dress in layers for cold running. I know that seems self-explanatory, but dress in layers and have pockets. I tend to start off a run with gloves on and around mile three I warm up and stash my gloves and possibly hat in my pockets.

  • Audrey

    Oh my. So much to say. In fact, I’m going to write an entire post in response to your post. You may just have to wait a while since I am the worst blogger ever :) A couple initial thoughts – it took me 17 years – count ’em – 17 years of running to work up to my current marathoning ways. So the fact that you are tackling 13.1 right off the back is darn impressive. Re: early mornings – you just have to fight the urge to sleep. Everyone says you will never regret going on a run, but you will regret missing one. Which side do you want to be on? When its cold, remember that cold weather running clothes are so cute, so you get to wake up and be cute and sporty! That has to count for something. Anyway, like I said, an entire post dedicated to “becoming a runner” is forthcoming just for you! Hugs!

  • Laura

    I also have a TON of tips and would also like to join you for your Sunday run/walks if you want company :)

    I LOVE running in the cold and rain. Keeping your ears and hands warm are key. I wear a headband that covers my ears and almost always wear a hat. And I have gloves, gloves that have a special place to rub your snot. Because when its cold, your nose will run. And I carry a hankie or some tissues when its cold. When its raining, a hat with a brim is essential. I usually still wear shorts even when its cold but layer on top with a short sleeve and long sleeve top.

    As you start ramping up your long runs you will want to thinking about hydration and fuel for during the run. You don’t want to try anything new on the day of the race and don’t count on race organization for your fuel. So you’ll want to head over to FF and look at their hydration belts and start running with one in the next few weeks so you are used to it. I can tell you which one I have. And start trying different chews/gels to find some that work for you, flavor, stomach, etc. I use Cliff Shot Blocks and Luna Moons. And in my hydration belt I have one bottle of water and a 2nd of electrolyte drink. Anything over 6 miles I need the hydration, anything over 7/8, I need fuel (the shot blocks, etc) basically if I don’t have fuel and electrolytes for any run over an hour I have a headache the rest of the day.

    Also, nothing, i mean nothing is better than a cold diet coke after a long run :)

    The ‘long’ weekend runs are the most important in the training. If you’re going to skip a run, make it a weekday maintenance run. building the endurance for the long runs is really important.

    Comfy socks, shoes and bra are absolutely key. And now cotton!

  • talda

    I am super impressed Kim! Way to stick with a training program, that’s something I absolutely fail at. lol, but if you can muster the guts to tackle this half-marathon, I’m sure I can follow suit :) Thanks for the motivation!