there is no official REVERB11… let’s make our own!

UPDATE 11/30 at 1:00PM PST: We need to decide on a name!  I’ve mused on this topic with some of the participants in the spreadsheet… and narrowed it down to the following: #reflect11 or #WEverb11.

Vote for your choice below… and voting will close at 8PM PST!


I just got the email I was expecting for awhile.

Gwen Bell has decided not to organize or host Reverb11. No prompts this year. No guest writers. Nada. She’s in a different place, but unfortunately she made it out like things were on schedule for another year. But this afternoon, she officially announced that they’re not. [Insert giant sad face here]

But I feel like I need it… and I really want it… because it was such a lovely way to end the year in 2010. It brought blogging back to where I love it. And I looked forward to reading entries by friends and strangers alike! And…. I spent hours indexing those blog entries into delicious and I feel robbed that I don’t have that community this year.

So… let’s still do this… but make it together and our own? This way we won’t get any of those super insane/repetitive prompts too??? We’ve got one day and some spare hours to brainstorm a name like crazy and make this ours…. but we can do it and get this off the ground for December 1st!

I’ve created a GOOGLE DOCUMENT to brainstorm two things:

TAB #1) A name for this activity!  (think of something we can use as a twitter hashtag perhaps?) googledoc1

TAB #2) Prompts to answer  – we can continually update this through 12/15…



What do you think??? Are you interested in participating again??? Am I crazy to want to do this again??? Oh well…

EDIT 11/29 8:45 pm: Based on the comments, some logical thinking, and personally knowing how there was a dropoff in participation as the month proceeded… I think everyone would agree that having access to more than one prompt at a time is helpful. But, I also know that having the whole list ahead of time is somewhat boring and stale. So… I think a happy medium will be clustering the prompts into groups of 5 prompts at a time.

We’ll share the first prompt with everyone on December 1st to kick things off, then we’ll share a set of 5 prompts (1 for each day) on the 2nd, 7th, 12th, 17th, 22nd & 27th.

As for where? Well… once we have a name we’ll figure all of that out! :)  And we’ll make it as collective as possible. Some place that we can share and exchange our blog/twitter/whatever entry links and reflect and discuss. I’ll devote some serious brain power to thinking about the best digital resources we can use to do this!


  • Jen @ Living a Brighter Life

    Oh man Kim, you are soooo good!! I would never be diligent enough to create spreadsheets to figure out a Reverb of my own! I loved doing Reverb last year and it was because of you and it that I really got into a blogging groove. I was just rereading some of my posts from last year and was sort of amazed at some of my insights!

    Thanks so much for putting it together and I’ll brainstorm like crazy to try to think up some good ideas! No guarantees I’ll come up with anything good, but I’m gonna try! :-)

    You are AWESOME!

  • Amyc83

    I love this! What about weekly prompts instead? I felt so much pressure last year to do it every single day and when I couldn’t anymore, I just quit. Weekly prompts (or maybe weekly focuses for those of us who can’t take the pressure, with daily posts as well) would help me feel better about commiting. what do you think?

    • Kim

      What if we released the prompts in bundles of 5? So you could answer them daily… or set them up ahead of time… or not? I know that around Christmas I couldn’t actually answer them each day on the day they were posted, so that was annoying.

  • Bella

    I would love to help out with this. I really enjoyed Reverb10 last year, and was really disappointed with the email (especially the timing of it).

    I think releasing them in chunks is a great idea. It did get hectic last year right around Christmas.

  • Sarah

    I did participate in Reverb10 last year, and I enjoyed it, but I’m with Amyc83. I quite after a while because I got so behind. I would love to have weekly prompts instead of daily ones. That’s the only way I would be able to keep up!

    Since I was a total newbie last year, I don’t know if I can contribute much, but maybe I’ll get together with Jen @ Living a Brighter Life, to help brainstorm ideas.

    • Kim

      Let’s do that then! Let’s make it truly a “choose your reflection your way” … perhaps if we did it in those bundles, people could choose 1 prompt to respond to within each cluster? The only reason I was thinking of 5 groups… was that we could have 1 opening prompt… and then have 6 clusters of 5 additional prompts (with all of them coming out on the first day of that grouping…. so the 2nd, 7th, 12th, 17th, 22nd & 27th.

      • Michelle

        I love this idea Kim! I was just thinking that I loved answering the prompt each day but felt like I was overwhelming my blog with daily posts with the same type of theme, even though the prompts were different. I love the format you suggested!

  • Carolyn

    Kim, I Love this! And I would love to add a community aspect to it as well. I loved connecting with new people last year and would love to host virtual huddles (like a book club, minus the book and the obligation to complete prompts. just chat about prompts and support one another as we move into the new year!). Email me if you are interested in joining forces or have any suggestions!!

  • talda

    I’d love to join. I was tempted to do Reverb since I saw you writing about it but the daily prompts kind of intimated me. But I think I can totally handle the weekly clusters. I’m excited!

  • Julie Jordan Scott

    Hooray! Thank you for taking this on and asking for collaboration. I think having chunks with a daily option works. I am not one to get legalistic about things, so I never sweated whether I answered a specific prompt or not… AND I love this way to create a win, win, win all the way around. I’m going to check out the Google Docs. (Hopefully I can figure it out!)

  • Devon

    I am so glad you’re taking this on! Like all of you, I really enjoyed responding to the prompts and reflecting on the year. I’m happy to help however I can. I contributed to the Google Doc and look forward to seeing how this works out.

  • Hemborgwife

    I was not blogging last year but I remember reading many of the post and loved the idea of reflection it had. I would love to join this year and I also love the idea of the cluster as I do have a loose schedule I follow on my blog I can supplement that!

  • Ledonia

    I’ve done reverb for the past 2 years. I thought last year’s version really jumped the shark. It seemed the prompts were wishy-washy and really about hyping the ego of the few in charge. It was slick, not personable, and contrived. I’m pretty excited about this year, though. I like the idea that lots of folks are creating their own prompts to close out 2011. I skype chatted with a friend today and we each came up with 15 prompts that we’ll alternate and answer on our blogs. (I’m mostly thrilled that I don’t have to answer a prompt on my favorite tea of 2011!) Cheers!

  • Funfetti

    Our blog has been on a bit of a hiatus but we would definitely consider coming out of it to work on this! We were really into reading all the answers to the prompts last year and looking forward to participating! :)

  • Lauren

    I’d really like to try doing something like this, this year once it’s organized, since I haven’t done it in the past. Not sure if I could keep up, but I’d like to give it a try!