april’s fool comes early

Last week, I went to grab my phone from my purse, I couldn’t find it. My heart stopped a little as I dug and dug through the random contents of my purse… and I still didn’t seem to find it. So, I took it over to the lighted kitchen, and carefully peered into the abyss in search of my lovely iPhone.

It normally looks like this: yellow, rubbery and easy to spot visually and by touch.

But on this day, a very random day in the middle of March, I found MY iphone encased in this:


It seems that there is such a thing as a bad Target sale… because Mr. M hatched his plan to wreck havoc on my phone for a week from the end of an aisle in our local store all the way through his sneaky replacement of my phone cover later that night. And considering that I’ve not read a single page of the books nor watched any of the movies and loathe vampires, he knew it’d be the perfect gag gift. Therefore, for the past week, I’ve had to live with Edward and Jacob and Bella… and managing to cover the back of my phone with the entirety of my hand so that no one else could bare witness to my fate.

If this is what happens on a random day, imagine the impending fear for April 1st… oh boy…