I get by with a little help from an app

Man, life sure has been busy* lately.

(Just so that I don’t get in any crazy comment wars RE: recent New York Times articles, *busy in this context = too much work to complete deadlines if we only worked 40 hours & lots of random commitments & very little sleep which makes the hours that are actually free and open in a normal context for desperately desired sleep)

Sleep has come before nighttime blogging. Work has come at night instead of TV-watching or game-playing. And at times like this, my creativity dies a little inside as I stretch just to make it to the next day.

I wanted so desperately to blog at some point this week.

A cute Miss L photo? Not edited/downloaded.

A story about something fun on the web? Really? I’ve surfed around this week?

Food I’ve eaten? Um… do nachos twice in one week count?

So I thought I’d post a video. But then I realized I had nothing edited so that was a loss as well. Then I stopped and thought, “Hmmm… maybe there’s an app for that?” You know, just like you wish there was an app that would clean your desktop and organize your files too.

But guess what? There was. And it’s cool. And free. [iPhone only sadly]

It’s called Magisto, and it made an edited video for me in a matter of minutes. It might not be perfect, but it’s an edited video and much better than anything that my little iMovie fingers can produce in under an hour.

Yes… “Miss L practices riding her trike!” might not win any Internet video awards, but it makes my crazy attempts at following her around the block with my camera look pretty cool.

Thanks Magisto for saving my blog this week. And a little bit of sanity in the future!