#WEverb12 is coming up… want to help?

Last year, in a frantic last minute way, you helped create #WEverb11 … a lovely way to use your blog/twitter account to reflect and look forward towards 2012. It was a wonderful crowd-sourced effort that over 120 people participated in over the month of December from all across the globe!

This year, we’re starting out the planning a little earlier and want to include everyone in on the fun crowdsourcing again! Sure, the website and the twitter account are all set-up, but it’s the content that matters! We want to ensure that you find the #WEverb12 hashtag all over the Internet in amazing ways and share in on the reflection process together!

First up… TOPIC ideas!

Instead of just 31 random prompts, we’d like to generate them from 5-6 topic areas. Below, you’ll find a form to submit your topic ideas (if you can’t see the form below, you can click here).

Oh.. and if you’d like to help with any of this effort, please let me know! We’d love to have you as part of the team! Also, it’d be great to share this experience on Instagram as well… so if you have any ideas on how to transfer it there, that’d be great to hear about!

I adore the way this activity strengthens the blog/social media community that you already have, and hope that you feel the same way!



hip hip hooray!!!