happy 2013~


Happy 2013 everyone!

I decided to start out the new year with a new blog look, and as a family, we headed to the top of a parking garage downtown to watch the 9pm edition of the fireworks, which sadly were the only show of the night due to some not-so-great-stuff happening on NYE. Miss L was a little confused as the sound bounced around the tall office buildings around us (“the buildings are exploding!”) but overall the fireworks and freshly made hot cocoa made everyone’s night just a little better.

I hope that all of your resolutions stick as long as you want them to… at least into the Spring? I’m starting off by counting my FUEL daily and trying to survive the Zombie apocalypse. And making a couple of blog resolutions as well to keep up here (and comments with my friends) a bit more… last year was a little lacking I know.

Here’s to 2013 being a wonderful year for all of my friends and family!