adventures at Walt Disney World at age 2.5

Going to Walt Disney World with an active toddler is much different than our stroller-baby trip when she was 10 months old, but still lots of fun! This time around, there aren’t really many naps in the stroller, or naps in general. But in return, there are awesome child-directed memories and oh-so-many hugs!


For starters… she can carry and travel with her own luggage! (See the loveable Trunki above… the best distraction/suitcase ever invented for kids!)


She even insisted on going through TSA security “her way” … which meant Pooh was subject to an x-ray bath. And thanks to the generosity of Father M and his airline miles, Miss L got to fly all the way to Orlando with non-stop apple juice and a big comfy seat for coloring.


Now you already know about Miss L’s morning of running the morning after we arrived, and my running fun that night… so here’s the rest of what happened in Orlando on Disney property.


We learned that Miss L not only remembered what a Christmas tree was, but absolutely adored pointing out every one we saw at each park.


We danced and boogied whenever we got the chance! In the streets of Asia…


or in the decorated halls of Morocco!


Rides came in the form of tea cups,


Daddy piggyback rides,

flying carpets,


parking trams,


flying Dinosaurs,




and flying elephants, who all share the name Dumbo.


We got to explore old happy haunts, and new happy Character Spots!


We ate around the (Disney & culinary) world (the Food & Wine Festival is the greatest!!!)…


entered a whole new world with the New Fantasyland…


… and even stepped into virtual reality with Miss L’s favorite brothers.


We mastered our space ranger laser gun shooting…


Toy Story Midway Mania shooting…


… and bubble gun balcony shooting as well.

Miss L with Mickey & Goofy at Disney World, 2012

We hugged characters both small and tall (gotta love me and Goof photos – I forgot how high those pants really went up on my body!)…


… and loved them even when they silently mocked us for our nervous behaviors.


And then… after hugging so many characters, we started hugging walls of characters, because that’s just what you’re supposed to do, right?



And even with all that practice, we still messed up a few times in capturing that “perfect photo.”

Ah yes… another wonderful escape to Orlando and another set of memories for us to treasure together…


  • AshleyHami

    Awww – yay! A Disney recap :D Looked like a great trip! And lucky Miss L for travelling “first” class all the way to Disney :)

    And you were goofy?! Or did I just read that wrong?

  • Leanne

    These pictures made me so very weepy! We took our kids for the first time last summer. We had a 3.5 year old and 14 month old. My (now) 4 year old begs to go back almost every day, and I can’t blame him. I am Disney girl at heart!

    I worked at WDW in 2004 as a CP! I was in Merchandise, though! It was one of the greatest experiences of my life!

    And now, I want to go beg my husband to let us go back again ASAP! Thanks for sharing!

    • Kim

      I apologize for the weepiness! If it helps, L constantly asks if we can go ride, “It’s a Small World” tomorrow. After working at DL and having annual passes for so long, its so hard not to know when the next trip is! We’ll be back in Anaheim in August at least once…