videos in which Miss L and I get scared of Disney rides

I have a fear of edges and falling. Miss L is a huge fan of spinning until she’s not. We learned in November that no matter how happy the rest of your day is, our little fears can creep up and take over.


Miss L still tells everyone how much I didn’t like the rocket ships. And that I was really scared and she wasn’t.

That is pure genuine fear in my voice… I hate that ride like no other, but boy does she love it.

She also tells people that teacups don’t stop when you tell them to.


We just smile and only explain if we have time to watch the iPhone video or hear the elongated story. Otherwise they just walk away thinking we’re all a bit crazy.


  • AshleyHami

    That first ride terrified me as well…hubs and Clara loved it though (the thee of us squeezed into one spaceship :/ ) The feeling when you’re at the top and feel like you might fly out – eep! An knowing that you only have a tiny, not very tight, belt holding the three of us in – double eep!