fortune-ate Valentines


This year, I’ve seen lots of friends struggle with what kind of Valentine’s to create for or with their kiddos. The standard paper ones found at your local store that we coveted and passed out as kids are seen as “not trying hard enough” and the candy filled goodies found in the other aisle are a sugar explosion only a 25-year old could handle. Last year, Miss L hadn’t turned two yet, and there was no way I was sending her to school with any sort of candy/snack to pass out to friends. So we made little photo card Valentine’s instead.

This time around, I thought about what we could create together and things that she loved. Well, friends, my daughter adores Asian food and fortune cookies are one of her favorite things in the whole world. And since they’re very low in sugar, and easily decorated with some chocolate and sprinkles, I knew we had our perfect Valentine!

I had grand plans to put in some custom fortunes at the local Fortune Cookie factory, but in trying to ensure that the cookies weren’t stale, I missed the “5-day window” for ordering them, and settled for the plain ‘ol regular ones. Maybe I’ll save that for when the kiddos can all read? :)


Everything for this was really simple execution. Melt some Ghirardelli chocolate chips (with a splash of peppermint extract), dip cookie into the chocolate, and hold it over a large bowl and let Miss L douse it in sprinkles!



She wanted to try out the colored sugar sprinkles, but they blended in a little too much with the chocolate, so we opted instead for some more obvious ones instead.


Once they were set and dry on the parchment, they were ready to be packaged up! I printed out a really simple label with the phrase, “I’m so FORTUNE-ate to have a friend like you!” and slapped it on the front and sealed the back with some pink washi tape!


Only after searching for phrases did I realize how absolutely unoriginal my idea was (hello Pinterest!), but I’m still really happy how they turned out. Super simple, not crazy sugar-y bad for kids, and 100% Miss L centered.


Glassine bags: Paper Mart

Washi Tape: The Lovliest Little Details

Labels: Brown Kraft Labels