a colorful 3rd birthday: cake and candles


Everyone got little “3” cakes to eat on Miss L’s third birthday. They were made using a Wilton Mini 12 Cavity Fluted Pan (aka. a mini bundt cake tray for the oven), some careful carving, and delicate frosting of each one. Miss L’s was made “extra special” by the sprinkles on top.

While the outside was pink, the inside was Funfetti cake dyed blue, purple and pink. Miss L happily picked and mixed all the colors, and did the custom creation work for each little cake.


Other than cake, all she really asked for on her birthday was for us to sing, “Happy Birthday” to her and to have candles. Such a simple request we were more than happy to honor her with!


And then… because 3rd birthdays are special like that, we introduced her to the candle lick as well.

In all, I think the adventures and the color run made her 3rd birthday incredibly colorful and one we’ll always remember!